DWR will build your EXPORT

Our export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service.

Our service includes the elaboration of an export strategy and the training of the person who will be in charge of export in your company.


Export solutions

DWR is a team of multi-lingual professional consultants offering its customers vast skills and extensive export knowledge as well as experience to succeed in developing your business internationally.

DWR is international export consultancy firm that offers you a complete service – everything you need to evaluate export options, begin and successfully operate an export venture.

We design and build a company’s export arm from the ground up using process described in given chart.

DWR practical services and strategies will reduce our Clients’ upfront and operational costs, leading to a high rate of return on your investment in DWR’s services.




Company Trainings

DWR offers training to companies which are starting their export process, as well as to companies which want to enter new markets. This service includes the elaboration of an export strategy and the training of the person who will be in charge of export in your company.

Export in General

  • What is Export
  • Export vs. Selling abroad
  • What does export imply
  • Are you ready to export
  • How to evaluate export markets
  • How to enter export markets

Product in Export

  • Is your product fit to export
  • How does your product compare
  • Ways of adding value to your product
  • Cost, value and price: differences
  • Selling and promotion of your product

Culture Matters

  • Cultural differences
  • Expectations and meanings
  • Questions and answers

Organizational Development

  • Does your sales force have the skills to develop international markets
  • Do you have the right incentives for an international sales force
  • Communicate effectively with your customers

Sales Development

  • Search for adequate local partners to distribute/import your product
  • Monitor the development and activity of each international partner
  • How to introduce your product in a distributor that already has competitor products
  • Do you have a CRM tool
  • Who are your competitors and what do you know about them
  • Do you know your customers
  • Sell the added value and benefits
  • Understand your weaknesses and strengths


Opportunity Identification

DWR realizes a market analysis in order to identify the most interesting export markets for your product. Worldwide export movements are analyzed, which can serve you as a reference to build your export strategy.

In order to obtain a correct result, various indicators are analyzed:
Market size, competitors, country risk, entry barriers, costs for acting in this market, geographical and cultural distance, accessibility of distribution channels, public aids, special knowledge of the country and current opportunities.

DWR creates lists of contacts of companies with the requested profile in the target country. We guarantee updated lists, indicating the data of the responsible buyer of your product/service. An updated and tailor made list saves your company time and money.



Logistic Outsourcing

DWR is able to simulate your local office for your business on fraction of cost of your full-time employees.

We provide skilled administrators which in local language can answer questions of customers, solve service claims or simply are ready to work on any task which is required to get your service or goods to market.

Our staff is perfect connector between your company and local culture, enabling smooth expansion of your international business.



After-Sales Services

After-Sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction, customer retention and generates loyal customers.

DWR organizes after sales service in target country using existing network of established service companies.

Well organized after sales service makes sure products and services meet or surpass the expectations of the customers.

Positive word of mouth from customer’s side plays an important role in promoting brands and products.



Commercial agents

DWR identifies commercial sales agents or distributors who are specialized in your sector and comply with the indicated profile.

The collaboration with a commercial sales agent who has already a regular customers can be a favorable solution for your company for entering new markets.

If market and product allows such way of approach, distributors can play a vital role in smoothly connecting your products with customers.

Distributors can expedite response times, enhance a company’s reach and even create value-added packages that complement a company’s product offering.

Our large network of sales agents will create your export worldwide and enable stable growth



Market studies

When you make a decision to export, it is important to make a previous analysis in order to define the most favorable markets for your products/services.

The information collected through research can enable you to set realistic expectations and make appropriate estimations about sales forecasting, market share, growth rate and other critical factors.

DWR creates market studies which you can use as a reference in order to establish your export strategy.



Regulatory & Labeling

As Regulatory pressures upon labeling, packaging and advertising continue to grow, there is need for clear and effective communication while adhering to local Regulatory requirements.

DWR provides regulatory compliance services for Electric and Food, Home& Personal care products helping You overcome complex legislation.



Trade missions

DWR organizes commercial missions to the targeted export market.

The organization includes the identification of companies of the indicated profile, the presentation of your product/service to these companies and the business travel in order to negotiate personally with the potential client.

We offer to accompany you in order to act as an interpreter in a meeting with foreign client.



Translation Services

DWR secures translation service for user manuals and marketing material (flyers, catalogues, webs) into the language of the targeted market.

Manuals are brought into correct legal form to satisfy market legislative.

DWR works with a team of native bilingual professionals in order to assure the best quality of the translation.



Accounting & Legal

VAT and other taxes compliance is an important highly technical area for which we provide a timely and accurate service to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business

DWR can provide a comprehensive outsourced bookkeeping /accounting service tailored to suit your business.

If your export model requires local employees, we provide a complete payroll service that eases the process.

Our consultants work as closely as possible with you to ensure that the advice we give is both clear and cost-effective.