About Us

Gate to the WORLD.

DWR provides solutions comprising all the aspects of product introduction into a new market, international business training and advisory services. While providing solutions for either short or long term programs, our client’s values remain essential.

We assist companies and organizations that decide to export or enter the market to achieve their targets.


Who we are

DWR is a team of multi-lingual professional consultants offering its customers vast skills and extensive export knowledge as well as experience to succeed in developing your business internationally.

Our mission is to provide a “one-stop shop” for all matters on doing business internationally focusing on training and consulting in international market development.

At DWR we aspire to be a company with strong integrity and ethical conduct, dedicated to providing export consulting services to our clients.

We offer practical services and strategies that reduce our Clients’ upfront and operational costs, leading to a high rate of return on your investment in DWR’s services.
DWR coaches companies and executes export projects of different types of Market analyses, identification of clients or commercial agents in foreign markets, preparation of commercial missions and support as an interpreter in the customer visit. We offer a complete service, beginning from the adaptation of the marketing material until sales, depending on the client´s needs.



Why us

DWR is international export consultancy firm that offers you a total package - everything you need to begin and successfully operate an export venture. We design and build a company’s export arm from the ground up.

DWR's extensive international network includes hundreds of solid contacts in each of our main foreign markets.

If you are looking for a reliable, one-stop solution to your export needs, DWR will provide it.
DWR has developed an international reputation for exceptional customer service. DWR’s expertise will give your company a reputation as a top player in foreign export markets. 

Our services and expertise are offered on a cost effective consultancy basis. Each client and project is given individual consideration, and a Service Proposal submitted according to their brief. 

We are committed to helping you BE EXPORTWISE



Who benefits

Companies new to Export process that desire to explore options and costs of export. Existing exporters who need additional resources to expand, tackle a new project, test a new market or simply cannot be in more places at the same time.

Companies interested in market research, identification of opportunities, clients or commercial agents in foreign markets.

Companies who want to avoid costly mistakes and achieve success on a just fraction of upfront and operational cost required to go through the process by themselves.

Once trained by DWR in the export process, companies can expand to following markets with using already existing knowledge.



Company ID

The brand DWR operates as a part of multiple companies registered in different countries depending on their geographical location, with the intention to provide local service to clients in the best possible way.

In front of the brand for all items concerning services offered and provided together with the management of this internet page responsible is the company:

DWR - Distribution Wholesale Representation d.o.o.
Adresa (Address): Savska cesta 84, 10360 Sesvete, Hrvatska

Član Uprave (Member of the Board): Dario Šipoš
MBS (Company ID number): 080856098
Temeljni kapital 20 000 HRK - plaćen u cijelosti (Grounding capital 20000HRK paid in full).
Pravni oblik: Društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću d.o.o.
Registarski sud (Registered at Court: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu (Commercial Court of Zagreb)
Telefonski broj: +385 1 5615 217
Faks broj: +385 1 5615 217
E-mail: office@dwr-eu.eu